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Leaf House

The Private Residence is designed to be truly green architecture. The kitchen is made of ancient, reclaimed cypress wood. The form of the home is designed to draw the bay breezes throughout the house for passive cooling. The Architecture flows with the contours of the earth. The fenestration is oriented to capture the sunlight and cast a radiant glow throughout the home. Solar radiant heating is in all of the floor systems.The form of a leaf has inspired the entry door design, the pool structure and the organic branching metal sculpture in the staircase that spans the three floors. The curvilinear form is used throughout the home to complement the traditional forms. The wood eave lines, windows, slate roofing and rainbow sandstone exterior cladding along with the sculptural railings work in a symbiotic fashion. The green lawn is photoshopped. The landscaping will be California native grasses with flowering plantings, all drought tolerant native varieties so as to integrate the architecture into the natural surroundings. The landscape plantings will be set on curvilinear knolls emulating the natural rolling hills that embrace the property. The pool is designed to be visually engaged from the indoor and outdoor living space. The house has a rainwater reclamation system to be used for landscape irrigation.

Date: 2013
Size: Approx. 8,000 sf
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